Resolution List

I don’t plan on revealing the entire list ahead of time, but as I scratch things off my list, I’ll update this running list here of all my resolutions! Click the link to take you directly to that post!

2. Meatless Meatballs
5. Vegetable Korma
6. Homemade Naan bread
8. A good coleslaw that doesn’t taste like straight mayonnaise
11. Halloumi
13. Learn to Roast a Whole Chicken
14. Homemade Tempura
17. Cannolis
18. A soufflé
21. Watch Julie and Julia
23. Adventures in Squash
24. Discover Aquafaba
28. Homemade gnocchi
29. Pasta Primavera
31. Eggplant something
32. Black bean brownies
34. Tasty paella
35. Unique Blue Cheese dish
36. Something with real artichokes
41. Try cottage cheese
45. Cooked radishes
46. Find a pomegranate and prep it myself
48. Be brave and try gazpacho
43. Rosé cupcakes
45. Cooked radishes
48. Be brave and try gazpacho
49. Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds
52. Dragonfruit!
58. Cheesecake
59. Bougie donuts
60. Sourdough
64. Find a use for that garbanzo bean flour
68. Homemade ramen