Off-List Adventure: The Hunt for an Apron


I recently went on the hunt for a new apron. I wanted one that was functional – easy to put on, keeps me from getting covered in food while cooking, and most importantly…has pockets – but also one that looked cute so I could add some photos of me cooking to the blog. I took to Etsy, but there were just so many pages and pages of aprons to choose from, most of which were not my style at all. I cannot tell you how many pages I scrolled through where not a single one caught my eye. Some had cheesy phrases, some were clearly for wedding gifts (MRS. something-or-other’s kitchen, etc.).  Every now and again I would see one with a classic print and style that I would “favorite” and I figured I’d go back through and pick one from that pool of possibilities.

It was then that I found Becky’s shop BEKmonkey. I had saved several of her aprons as my favorites. They were all so perfect…except they were in kid’s sizes 😦 But I contacted Becky who was super friendly and willing to make me a big girl sized apron! I could not be happier. The apron is super cute, fits great, and is high quality. I would highly recommend you to check her shop BEKmonkey out, where she has MUCH more to offer than just perfectly adorable aprons.

As soon as I got it in the mail, I wanted to do two things:

  1. Buy every single pattern ever in this exact apron because I love it

…so be on the look out for new recipes really soon!


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