Festive Fare: St. Patty’s Day


I’m not Irish (that I’m aware of at least) and I don’t typically care to celebrate St. Patricks day, but this year I decided to take part. Mostly because my (social butterfly) husband and I have been hosting some Friday night movie nights a lot the last few months, and planned one for St. Patrick’s day. We figured that we should have some thematic snacks or something to set the mood! What movie you ask? Highlander. And yes we are aware that it’s Scottish, not Irish, but really we just wanted to watch Highlander. #thereCanOnlyBeOne

I decided I was going to make potato soup, cabbage steaks, and chocolate porter cupcakes. I found a recipe on Pinterest somewhere for a lighter potato soup which I thought was perfect! To make a long story short: It wasn’t. I don’t know what happened, but I threw it all in the crockpot before work, and when I got home and went to blend it all up, some had gone awry.  It was gross. So gross that I didn’t even take a picture for fear of embarrassment. I don’t even know what went wrong. But the taste was all wrong, the consistency was all wrong, the color was all wrong. Just wrong. All of it. I tried adding spices, seasoning, more liquid. Nothing helped.

The problem arose around this time when I realized my friends would be arriving soon, and I told them all I was making soup and cabbage steaks. Not gonna lie, I was kind of moody over the soup flop, so I wasn’t feeling it with the cabbage steaks.  I moved on to cupcakes and the joy of lighthearted baking.  I figured no one would be mad at me over soup if I had delicious cupcakes.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, I had already scoured the internet for an acceptable dessert recipe, and settled on one from my old pal, Martha Stewart: Chocolate Stout Cupcakes. Zack “doesn’t like” cream cheese icing, so I just did the old tried and true buttercream. I also got an e-mail from Michael’s that they had St. Patty’s day baking items on sale a few days before, so I had gone by there after work to stock up. Spoiler alert: they had literally nothing and I left with some green white chocolate melters, so naturally I made my own shamrocks to use as cupcake toppers the night before.


The cupcakes were made using a stout and some chocolate. The stout of choice was Xocoveza from Stone Brewing Company. I’m not a huge fan of stout’s, but this one is TASTY. And we had it in the house already so that was a win.

So, I made these amazing cupcakes. Totally bailed on soup or cabbage steaks. Ordered pizza. Everyone was happy on this blessed St. Patrick’s Day!

Also, two of my friends got engaged so that was amazing!


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