17. Cannolis

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I very desperately wish that I was Italian. If you know me, you know this. I love gangster movies, I love Italian food, I just love it all. I have been known to say that I plan to raise my children Italian, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work out logistically given the genetic material that my husband and I are working with (spoiler alert: Not Italian).


That being said, I have been wanting to learn how to make cannolis for a really long time.  For Christmas, Santa brought me some cannoli forms!

For my birthday, I decided I wanted to make myself some cannolis. So with my newly acquired forms, I got to work.

There was a bit of a learning curve with the dough for the shells, but once I got going I really got it figured out. I just had to not be afraid to make a mess on the counter to cover it with flour and really roll that dough perfectly.

I made two variations, chocolate chip and pistachio.  They were both REALLY REALLY good. I was partial to the half and half version!

My finished product!


Lessons learned here:

  • Make the shells thin. The thicker ones aren’t as good, they puff up too much when you fry them (in my opinion)
  • Be careful when you pull the forms out of the hot oil, as they are hollow and now full of hot oil!
  • Move the pot of oil you have left to cool away from the reach of your mangey mutt who will try to jump up there and drink it and his big, gross tongue will splash it everywhere and make a mess

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