11. Halloumi/ 14. Homemade Tempura

So at the beginning of the year, I started making my list of chefy accomplishments to be made this year. I numbered it, but then I decided I’d just sort of pick and choose things and go in a random order. Not typically my style to be so chaotic with my list making, but the first item on my list seemed kind of more like a long-term aspiration than something that would be particularly fun to immediately work on, so I just skipped to something that I had the ingredients in the house to make.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. That’s how I got to item number 11 – Halloumi cheese.  There was no real direction here, as I just had seen halloumi in a vegetarian cook book that I had picked up a while back, and honestly had no idea what it was. I kind of assumed it was some type of cousin of tofu or something based on it’s look, so I assumed it was something I couldn’t eat.  Then Professor Google informed me that it was a CHEESE. I was in.

I bought some at Trader Joe’s and stuck it in the fridge. Kind of forgot about it. Then one day, we were planning on having a really light, healthy dinner. I was not excited about it. So I started digging through the fridge and the pantry for something else I could make happen. BAM. Halloumi. But then I was hung up on how to prepare it. BAM. Number 14 on my list. Homemade tempura batter.

I researched a batter recipe, battered that cheese, fried it, and ate it with the quinoa salad that was supposed to be dinner all by itself but now was being paired with a delicious piece of fried cheese. #blessed


It was really, really, really good! I will say, the tempura batter was a little plain.  It was light and crispy, but needed a little something added to it. The cheese was super tasty, and garnished with the fresh tomatoes and basil was a nice touch.

I will definitely be repeating this recipe, with a few minor tweaks to the tempura batter. AND I will definitely be exploring more halloumi recipes, that cheese is to die for!

Lessons learned here:

  • Halloumi is delicious
  • Tempura batter is super easy to make. Keep it cold, and use seltzer water to keep it light.
  • This New Year’s Resolution is fun









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