New Year’s Resolution: Become More Professional

Hello, Welcome, and Happy 2017!

Everyone is always asking, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” and this year, I realized it hadn’t even crossed my mind until 12/31/16 when I was hanging out with friends, ready to ring in the new year, and the question came up. Oops.

My typical go-to is always some version of: get more fit, be healthier, be a better housekeeper, etc.

This year, I decided to break the mold. Sure, all of those things are great aspirations and they are very important, but at the end of the day, let’s be honest…they are things I need to just straight up be doing in order to consider myself an adult.  So for now, they are in the back of my head as things I need to make an effort to make sure that I’m doing…BUT… I wanted a more exciting resolution. Something that could challenge me all year long.

I started thinking about other cliché resolutions I’ve had in the past, about branching out and getting out of my comfort zone.  Then it all came together: My resolution is going to be to work at becoming more of a professional. Not in a boring work-related way, not in a “get more organized” way, but in a chef way.

For those of you who know me, you know that I love to cook and I love to bake. I am always looking for an excuse to bake something for someone’s birthday or other special occasion. I love cooking dinner for my husband and I, and occasionally like to host a small dinner party for friends. I definitely consider myself a very fine home cook and amateur baker, and have a long string of Instagram photos of my creations to prove it.  I recently discovered the show “Cooks vs. Cons” on the Food Network, and realized that I don’t know JACK compared to some of these cons, and that perhaps I’m not as legit of a cook as I thought. (Side note: this show is SUPER fun and you should watch it!)

Back to the resolution though. I am resolving to, in so many words, step my game up. Learn new techniques, try new ingredients, polish my tried and true recipes and get adventurous with new ones.  So I got to it – I started a running list on a scrap piece of paper I found in the back of my planner and my resolution for 2017 was born.

I’ve been adding to the list for a little over a week, and I’m sure I’ll continue to add to it all year long. There are some silly things on there, like “Knife skills, bro!” and “Make millet not taste like bird food,” but overall they are just all things I feel like I need to check off the list of “Need to know how to do this” in order to be on my way to considering myself an amateur chef.

So here I am, blogging this journey from home cook to amateur chef. I wanted to keep a record of where I started, what I tried, what worked, what sucked, and let you guys follow me along the way if you so desire.

Here’s to 2017! Here’s to my future as an amateur chef. I hope that you and your resolution are holding strong here on the tenth day of January 2017!

Check back with me really soon for my first bucket list item: “Make a thing with halloumi cheese”.


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